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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

I may change my mind later, but right now I’ve chosen not to identify them by actual name, rather each character will be assigned initials and a short introductory description as follows:

LS -- Little Sister - Beautiful –with gorgeous chestnut brown hair, masses of curls.  People were always remarking that "She's gonna break a lotta 'earts".  No one ever said that about me.  I was totally envious, breaking hearts seemed like a very powerful thing to be able to do!  Naturally she looked up to me as her older sister as evidenced by the following note she wrote when she was about 11 years of age:)

LBB – Little Big Brother – Tough – Scrapper. 
LLB – Little Little Brother  – Adored his LBB
As their official baby sitter these two characters were the bane of my young life.  Don't be fooled by their blonde innocent looks because as LS said they were always naughty!  They spent their time scrapping like two young lion cubs, but as you can see from the following picture LBB  has a very protective arm around LLB!

Mum – Loved us all in her own way, but vacillated on every promise.  She wasn't that good at cooking or sewing or knitting, but she had a strong personality and people loved her.
Dad - Fair but strict disciplinarian, taught me much.  Jack of all trades.  He could mend a broken clock, or handbag.  He could resole shoes, play a great game of darts and cook a Sunday roast.

GM - Grandmother M – Mother’s mother.. Known as Nanny.  Creative lady who made paper flowers that she sold at the local outdoor market.
GD - Grandmother D – Father’s mother - Known as Granny.  Said to have been a professional cook. Her organized life style was evident in her well kept home and the enormous ginger cat that was her constant companion.

Time Frame

These stories will probably not be told in any linear fashion and will generally meander through the years 1930’s up until the 1950’s.  But sometimes I may steer off course when some unexpected memory prompts me.

I might as well start with the event in my own life that has done more to mold my character than any other.   For that you will have to tune in to the next episode.
'Til then . . . 

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