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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Keeping up Appearances

Keeping up Appearances

This very short post to attempts to explain (to those they may be following) why this site keeps changing its appearance.  

For me, doing this is not just the writing, but the trying to figure out the technical aspects of publishing this blog.  I’ve been experimenting with the different Themes that are offered by Blogger, the program I’m using, in an effort to find one that suits the subject matter.

So far I’ve not been happy with any of them, but I did discover that I can use an image of my own. 

That meant that the writing was put on hold while I put together the HEADER that I’m using now.  I think this speaks more to Cockneys and the City of London, with its coat of arms and familiar landmarks.

The way things are now will stay until such time as I change my mind again.  After all, I’m still figuring out how to put all those lovely contact bits down the side.

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